Halloween weekend. A humiliated Jim (The Grudge 3, NBC's "E") is left standing at the altar, so his friends whisk him away to the middle of nowhere. Enough beer makes a spur-of-the moment canoe trip seem like a good idea--and they can't believe their luck--they meet four hot women tending a bonfire on the banks of a wild river. But their excitement turns to dread when they realize the women have deadly plans for them. It's a race for survival as Jim tries to save his friends from being turned into grisly human sacrifices on Witches' Night.

Boys will be boys, and girls will be hideous Satanic murderers in Witches' Night. This throwback to the horror classics of the 70's is funny, sexy, and scary-- a good, old-fashioned adventure tale full of booze, babes, bodies, and blood. Featuring Betsy Baker from Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD.